11th century armour

Netsuke Kyoto
Ivory netsuke of an oxKyoto school, 18th centuryEyes inlaid in dark hornLength: 6.7 cmThis finely carved ox, the second of twelve signs in the Japanese zodiac, is represented with its head slightly raised. The animal has a thick rope halter attached to its nose that goes across his back, described with the well visible bones. The horns are curled back behind its ears while the tail lies to one side. Oxen represented in this position with  a naturalistic style, finely treated hair and particularly well done anatomical structure, recall Tomotada school.Netsuke for sale. Price on...

Monkey and eagle fightingSigned in an oval reserve: Itsumin Hokyudo Itsumin, Edo school, 19th centuryWood netsuke; eyes inlaid in hornLenght: 3.7 cmProvenanceArlette Katchen collectionLiteratureA. Katchen, Netsuke 7, vol.2, Paris (K. R. Publishers, 2010), p. 215, no. K232. The small monkey lying on its side, trying to repel the eagle which stands over it in a threatening manner Netsuke for sale. Price on application. Please include item stock number: net-1234 

Ivory netsuke with cat and haboki19th centuryLength: 9.6 cmIvory netsuke with a kitten on a feather broom 19th centuryLength: 9.6 cmThe composition shows a small cat resting on a broom of exaggerated size. The netsuke hides a kogatana, a small handy knife for everyday use. The feathers on this kind of brooms are usually from the wings of ducks and the association with the cat is traditional.Netsuke for sale. Price on application. Please include item stock number: net-1208  

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