antique netsuke

Ito-in netsuke18th century6.3 x 3.7 cmA stag antler "silk seal" netsuke Ito-in are among the oldest netsuke. Originally used as seals for the silks commerced in the port of Hakata near Nagasaki, they all have similar features: the subject is almost invariably a head of a stranger - European or Asian - deformed to adapt to the stag shape. These figures, called "konronjin" bear a fierce expression, maybe becuse they were used also to incute fear to the superstitious local workers who might be tempted to steal the silks. The missing seal was stored in the cavity...

Kitsune netsuke
Ivory netsuke of a Kitsune, Dancing fox19th centuryHeight: 7.4 cmProvenance:Sydney L. Moss Ltd., London, 1966In the traditional Japanese mythology the kistune are a very common subject: long-lived creatures with great intelligence, they are able to develop supernatural powers such as the ability to change appearance and deceiving people by assume human form.At fifty years old, the kitsune gains the ability to turn into a woman or to possess the body of human beings (kitsunetsuki)At the age of a thousand years, it becomes white or gold, increases his powers and ascends...

Netsuke in avorio raffigurante uno straniero
Netsuke representing a standing Dutchman holding a deer leg18th century7.2 cmThe stranger has an amused expression showing all the typical characteristic as the curled wig and beard, the rounded eyes and the quite large nose. He is wearing an unusual long robe.Representations of strangers with meat was quite common since Japanese did no use to eat animals; being carnivorous became then a typical feature of the ijin, or "different people”.Netsuke for sale. Price on application. Please include item stock number: net-1166  

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