gusoku armor

Myochin Ressei menpo
Ressei menpoMyochin school, Mid Edo Period (1615-1867)Half mask for samurai armorSamurai armour's mask A russet iron mask of me no shita men (half face) type.The expression is fierce (ressei) with a big nose, the hair-horse mustache and beard and, particular feature, only the lower teeth visible.Cod. men1186 

Okegawa-dō tosei gusoku
Samurai armor with riveted cuirassKabuto signed Joshu no ju Saotome IesadaMid Edo Period (1615-1867), 18th Century Exhibited:Kimono e Samurai. Il gesto. L'eleganza. Lo spirito, Fondazione Herman Geiger (Cecina)Literature:A. Schiavetti (a cura di),  Kimono e Samurai. Il gesto. L'eleganza. Lo spirito, Cecina, 2013, p. 16   This important japanese armor bears the kamon of suisha shape (water wheel) from the Doi samurai clan in the version used during the Edo Period by the branch which ruled as ...

Koboshi kabutoA russet iron samurai helmet with small standing rivetsEdo period, 17th-18th centurySigned: Saotome Iechika A russet iron (tetsu sabiji) sixty-two plate kabuto, each mounted with twenty-five small tapered standing rivets (ko-boshi) of decreasing size; the front plate, larger than the others, is fitted with two lines of rivets, while the rear one is left empty, for a total of 1.550 rivets.The typical "Saotome-byo" is visible under this lining, an extra rivet which is almost an additional signature of the Saotome armorers.The five-stage shikoro (neck protection) is...

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