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Ressei menpo
Ressei menpoHalf mask for samurai armor with fierce expressionMyōchin school, early Edo Period (1615-1867)17th century Rare mask of fierce (ressei) expression, with bold lines and a large nose.Large draining hole (asegashi-no-ana) and thin iron sheet, as typical of older masks.Even if the mask in unsigned, the type and the features suggest a smith from the Myochin school. Menpo for sale. Price on application. Please include item stock number: men-628  

Samurai armor in Sendai styleKabuto signed: Myochin Ujiie saku and dated August 1527 PERIODMid Edo period (1615-1868), 18th centurySIGNATUREMyochin Ujiie saku EXHIBITIONS"Samurai - Passato e Presente", Novara 2012LITERATUREG.Piva - S. Verrina, Samurai - Passato e Presente, cat. A3, Novara 2012 The helmet (kabuto) of this excellent samurai armor incorporates on an older bowl (bachi) signed by Myochin Ujiie, an armorer documented in the official Myochin genealogies as second son and pupil of the famous Smith Nobuie. Among the typical...

Red and gold lacquer Japanese samurai armor, 17th Century
Dangae-dō tosei gusokuAssembled red and gold lacquer Japanese samurai armor PERIODEarly Edo period (1615-1868),  17th CenturyPROVENANCE Ii Naomasa This suit of armor seems to belong to the "Red Devils" samurai of Ii Naomasa, who used to wear red lacquered (shu-urushi) armor with large golden stylized horns on the kabuto. The armors of the Ii retainers were also red, together with banners and accessories, hence taking the name of “Ii no akazonae” (“the red equipment of Ii”).This interesting samurai armor shows two different styles...

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