samurai armor construction

Tengu men
Russet iron ressei tengu menSamurai mask shaped as a TenguMid Edo period (1615-1867)This menpō presents some features, such as the nose shaped like a beak, which suggests that represents the face of a Tengu. The Tengu are mythological creatures of ancient Japanese tradition identify both as kami (gods) and as yokai (demons). They are usually represented as birdman with a long prominent nose or, as in this case,  a beak.  The mask interior is lacquered and the iron yodarekake is made in four kiritsukezane plates. INVENTORY NR: men-...

Red lacquered ressei menpo Samurai mask with fierce expressionMid Edo period (1615 - 1867)18th century A red lacquered samurai mask, with fierce (ressei) expression finely embossed with wrinkles all over the face. Menpo for sale. Price on application. Please include item stock number: men-1392  

Armatura in miniatura
Miniature ArmorNi-mai do tosei gusokuSecond half of Edo Period (1615-1867)19th CenturyHeight: 86 cmDuring the 17th Century samurai families used to display a set of helmet and armor, weapons and banners outdoors on the Tango-no-Sekku Festival (The Boy’s Festival), held on the fifth day of the fifth month, designated as an important ceremonial day by the Edo Shogunate Government. Later in the Edo period these items, except for the banners, were moved indoor, on rooms facing the street. The style of displaying varied in accordance and the armors gradually became miniaturized, thus keeping...

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