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Monk ProcessionsNakahara Nantembō (1839-1925)Painting: 134 x 31 cm Mount: 204 x 47.5 cmBoth signed Hachijuyon-o Tenbo Toshu (Tenbo Toshu, aged 84) with four seals Nantenbo, Hakugaikutsu and Toju (twice) This is Nantenmbō’s finest masterpiece of character design, showing on two separate paintings, one with the advancing line of processing monks and one with the receding one, as described in the above calligraphies. The artist’s humor and affection for monk’s lifestyle can be seen at full in this works, which he painted several times in his eighties and which has...

 Stag antler netsuke representing a Mongol archer 18 Th. century6.6 cm Stag antler netsuke representing the massive figure of a standing Mongolian archer, wearing a full armor under a long-sleeved robe. The archer is shown with his arms stretched along the body while holding a bow in the left hand and an arrow in the right one.  The figure is probably a dattanjin, a stranger inhabitant of Dattan and Orankai, the Chinese area where Mongolian and Tartars used to live. Though it was a so common subject, the similitude with the real looks of dattanjin might be...

Shinshinto katana ToshimitsuKanesaki Tenryushi Minamoto Toshimitsu金崎天龍子源寿光Late Edo periodNBTHK Hozon Tōken as “Bizen, late Edo Period” (備前時代江戸後期) Nagasa [lenght]: 62.6 cm
Motohaba: 3.2 cm, sakihaba: 2.2 cm
Sori: 1 cm
Sugata [configuration]: shinogi-zukuri, shallow tori-zori, iori-mune, chu-kissaki (3 cm)
Kitae [forging pattern]: tight itame hada toward nashiji hada
Hamon [tempering pattern]: choji midare; ashiBōshi [point]: ko-maru
Nakago [tang]: ubu, kurijiri, ō-sujikai yasurime; one mekugi-ana; mei: “Kanesaki Tenryushi Minamoto Toshimitsu”Koshirae: The sword is...

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