samurai armour for sale

FubakoA small lacquered letterbox decorated with maple leavesEarly Edo period, 17th century13.5 x 4.8 cm Lacquered box decorated with maple tree leaves and a mother of pearl calligraphy. Antique original Japanese lacquer for sale. Stock number: lacc-1386 

 Mizusashi named “Matsugane”Water JarKo-Bizen, 16th centuryCeramic, 16 by 15 by 14.5 cmThis powerful mizusashi is characterized by the strong asymmetrical decoration; it exudes a raw energy that is inescapable, naturally drawing viewers in closer to ponder the dynamics of its creation. The body is naturally ash-glazed (shizen-yu) on one side, while the rest is left in plain clay with some light effects of koge (burn area) and hidasuki (reddish marks obtained burning straw on the clay). The glazed side, the one to be shown to guests...

Tokuhiro TosaiNanga landscapeLate 19th centuryArtist’s signature and seals104 x 41 cmThis painting represents a steep slope of a mountain with some pine trees. The mountain is crossed by a waterfall that flows into the water below, where two men are on a small boat.The work is almost monochrome, except for a few details in green and yellow. The style is naturalistic and fine, as in nanga style, due to the chiaroscuro and to the fine details. On the top left corner there is the signature of the artist with his red seal. Tokuhiro Tosai, was a high ranking samurai, an expert swordsman and...

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