samurai helmet for sale

Suji-bachi kabutoA 62-plates samurai helmet bearing the crest of the Nabeshima clan, circa 1570-1620.Signed: Myōchin NobutakaThis excellent kabuto is signed by an unrecorded Japanese armorer and is hence an important documental piece. The style and the signature suggest Nobutaka was a student of Myochin Nobuie working between 1570 and 1620; the inside of the helmet has been in fact later inscribed with the date “Tenbun 3” (1534 in Japanese calendar) to suggest this is a work from his master’s period.The inside bears also three votive inscriptions in red lacquer.The mounts...

Six-panel folding screen; ink, colors, gold leaf on paper
Lilies Six-panel folding screen DATEEdo period, 17th -18th centuryMEDIUMInk, color and gold leaf on paperDIMENSIONS106 by 284 cm  A very rare screen with oversize lilies behind a bamboo fence. Despite this composition is quite a unicum, the bamboo fence is a typical Kano school feature. INVENTORY NR: byo-1316Japanese screen for sale. Price on application.

Houkadou JinSkeleton playing a shamisenSigned: Houkadou Jin with the artist’s sealPainting: 128.1 x 29.3 cmMount: 183 x 41.7 cmThis painting represents a skeleton playing a shamisen, a typical Japanese instrument looking like a banjo. The skeleton is accompanied by a poem who the first sentence is "Issai Yui Shizo" This Zen words meaning that everything in this world is made by our mind, heart.Scroll for sale. Price on application. Please include item stock number: alt-1080 

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