samurai uniform

Kanō Chikanobu (1660-1728)Bird on a a bamboo MediumHanging scroll; ink on paperSignChikanobu hitsuSealJosenDate17º- 18º centuryPainting size128 x 28.5 cmMount size 213 x 44.5 cmPrice4800 € The powerful composition shows a bird with a fierce look resting over a thick bamboo. The painting has been probably made for a samurai family, as common for Kanō artists, since the strong scene is quite distant from the decorative taste and the academic approach that in this period started to spread among painters of this school. The Kanō school is one of the most famous...

Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875) Hanaire
Flower vase shaped as a pumpkin Height: 20 cm A Rare ceramic hanging vase shaped as a hechima, engraved with a poem. 
Used in the tokonoma, this kind of vase is hanged either in the center of the wall or on one of the lateral pillars. The poem reads: 世のちりをよそにはらひてゆくすゑのちよをしめたるやどの松風 
The world's dust
swept aside
here in my hermitage
I have all need―
the wind in the pines. Poet, calligrapher, painter and potter, Otagaki Rengetsu was a Japanese Buddhist nun and one of the few prominent Japanese female artists....

Mino Ware, Oribe StyleA green glazed stoneware Oribe footed square serving dish decorated with iron wash grape leaves and geometric patternsMomoyama to Edo period, Early 17th century 20 by 18 by 5.7 cm With a tactile surface texture decorated with an asymmetrical design painted between green-glazed areas, this dish is a typical example of Green Oribe (ao-oribe) ware. The glaze fired to a vivid color flows down to the side walls pooling in rich, deep green lakes at the bottom on two opposite corners and the white strip in between is decorated in a brown iron wash with grape branches...

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