samurais armor

Hotoke-do tosei gusoku
Samurai armor bearing the kamon of Inaba familyMid to late Edo period (1615 - 1867)Kabuto bachi signed “Masuda Myochin Minbu Ki no Munesada Saku” and dated February 1757Provenance:Iyo no kami Inaba clan This very important suit is complete and original. It is entirely made of hon-kozane plates (individual scales) and bears gilt metal engraved kanamono all over its parts; interiors are lacquered in gold, a sign of a very high level provenance.The armor comes with a wide series of accessories: it includes two pairs of suneate (one heavier and one very light), as well as a...

Ressei menpōHalf mask for samurai armor with a fierce expression DATEMid Edo period (1615 - 1867)  18th centuryARTISTMyōchin school A good russet embossed iron mask of me no shita men (half face) type.Even if the mask in unsigned, the type and the features suggest a smith from the Myochin school. INVENTORY NR: men-1191Item for sale. Price on application.    

Koboshi kabuto Black lacquered samurai helmet with standing rivets
Koboshi kabutoBlack lacquered samurai helmet with standing rivetsHaruta SchoolMomoyama to early Edo Period, 16th-17th Century A 62-plate koboshi-bachi [helmet bowl with small standing rivets] of typical tenkokuzan form, with 30 pointed rivets on each plate decreasing in size towards the top, with the exception of the larger front plate, with three lines of rivets and the small one on the back which is left blank, for a total of 1,890 rivets.The visor (mabizashi) is of high quality, embossed with simulated eyebrows, stylised as bamboo leaves, and brow wrinkles; a tsunomoto...

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