traditional samurai costume

Otagaki Rengetsu(1791-1875)WillowHanging scroll, ink on paper196 by 46 cm (mount 230 x 72.5)The painting represents a slender willow, gently soaring from the left accompanied by a poem about the willow itself. The calligraphy is flowing elegant and refined, windingly written, as typical of Rengetsu’s style. The poem reads: 千  青柳の下ゆく水にかげみえて聲もながるる春のうぐひすBeneath green willowsin the waters flowingdownstream―the shadow and voiceof a spring warbler.Poet, calligrapher, painter and potter, Otagaki Rengetsu was a Japanese Buddhist nun and one of the few prominent Japanese...

KayakuirePowder-flask Early 19th centuryHeight: 28 cm Lacquered with inlays of mother-of -pearl (raden) and negoro borders in relief. The large kamon in the middle in silvered copper.A similar flask, with the same lacquer surface, shape and kamon, is illustrated in the catalog of the Arashiyama Museum in Kyoto. Samurai accessories for sale. Price on application. Please include item stock number: acc-663    

Red lacquered ressei menpo Samurai mask with fierce expressionMid Edo period (1615 - 1867)18th century A red lacquered samurai mask, with fierce (ressei) expression finely embossed with wrinkles all over the face. Menpo for sale. Price on application. Please include item stock number: men-1392  

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