An ivory netsuke of a Karyōbinga


Signed: Okatomo

Kyoto, late 18th century
Ivory netsuke. Eyes inlaid in dark horn
Lenght: 5.1 cm


Arlette Katchen collection
H. Seymour Trower collection

H. Joly, Catalogue of the H. Seymour Trower Collection of Japanese Art, pl.IV, no.704.
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Shown flying, its wings and legs drawn in for compactness, its head turned slightly to the right and a lotus flower held with both hands to her chest.

The half-bird, half-person heavenly spirit Karyōbinga is the Kalavinka of Indian mythology, a servant to the Buddhist gods; similar to western angels, it is not itself object of worship. It is here represented singing, as it is said to have a beautiful voice, while carrying a lotus flower whose petals are scatter.

A very similar netsuke by Okatomo is in the Raymond and Frances Bushell Collection at the L.A. County Museum of Art.


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