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Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875), Tomioka Tessai (1837-1924)
Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875), painting with poem
Kamisaka Sekka (1866 - 1942) Painting with fan, Moon and Plume Grass
Nakahara Nanten-bo (1839-1925), calligraphy, ink on paper
Maeda Josaku (1926 – 2007), oil on canvas, dated 1960
Shogetsu (Chuho Sou) (1759-1838), calligraphy, ink on paper
Okuhara Seiko (1837-1913). Painting with poem, ink on silk
Sekka Kamisaka (1866-1942), painting on silk representing a tiger lily
Tsubaki Chinzan (1801-1854). Painting on silk with animals, 1852
Houkadou Jin. Painting with calligraphy; ink on paper
Sekka Kamisaka (1866-1942). Pigments on silk
Shibata Zeshin (1807-1891). Sumi ink and pigments on silk
Otagaki Rengestu (1791-1875) and Wada Gozan (1800-1870). painting with poem
Tokuhiro Tosai, Late 19th century with artist’s signature and seals


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