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Tanto in koshirae

Tanto in koshirae Shishinto, 19th century, attributed to Kanzan

Tanto in koshirae

Shinshinto, 19th century

Nagasa [length]: 24.8 cm
Motohaba: 2.9 cm,
Kitae [forging pattern]: ko-itame
Hamon [tempering pattern]: midare and choji midare
Bōshi [point]: ko-maruku; kaeru
Horimono: suken on omote and goma-ashi on ura
Nakago [tang]: ubu, sujikai; one mekugi-ana.

Inscribed on both sides and on the back:


Attributed by Kanzan sensei to Bizen Osafune Yokoyama Sukekane
Gifted on 31/01/1972 for birthday to Toshio from his grandfather Akio
Engraved by Living National Treasure Gassan Sadakazu


Koshirae: the tantō comes with a good Higo koshirae. The shirasaya is inscribed on both sides with a long sayagaki by Dr. Satō Kanzan.


There are two generations of Yokoyama Sukekane, both working in Bizen province  in a revival style of old Bizen swords, as all the other sword-smiths of the Yokoyama school.

The long inscription on the nakago indicates this tanto was a gift made by Mr. Akio of Osaka, an important member of the NBTHK at that time, to his newborn grandchild named Toshio.


Gassan Sadakazu (1836-1918) is one of the two only sword-smiths, along with Miyamoto Kanenori of the Yokoyama school, appointed in 1906 as “Member of the Imperial Art and Craft”, a title that later will develop in “Living National Treasure”. He has also been an excellent horimono carver.


Satō Kanzan (1907-1978) was regarded as one of Japan's foremost experts on the Japanese sword. He was Executive Director of the Society for the Preservation of Japanese Art Swords (NBTHK) and Vice-Director of the Sword Museum.



Tantō in vendita. Prezzo su richiesta. Numero di inventario: tok-1426

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