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Kaga Yoshiro Tsuba


Kaga Yoshiro Tsuba

Cart wheels and fox

Late Muromachi Period (1336-1573)

"Samurai - Passato e presente", Novara 2012 

G.Piva - S. Verrina, Samurai - Passato e presente, cat. A13, Novara, 2012

Iron with brass hira-zogan
Diameter: 82 mm
Thickness: 4 mm

An excellent ubu example of Kaga Yoshiro work from the Muromachi period.  Very dense iron with good tekkotsu, not factory plate.  All the inlay is intact.  At the time that this was made, brass was an extremely valuable commodity, rivaling gold, as it was imported from China.The shape is a mokkogata with the pierced "hearts" usually seen on handachi mountings.The hira-zogan technique, with the brass inlay on the same level of the iron surface, is typical of the Kaga area.
Another feature worth noting is the punched ground in selected areas of the iron surface.

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Kaga Yoshiro Tsuba

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