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Third generation antique dealer, Giuseppe Piva established “Giuseppe Piva Japanese Art” in 2005 to supply antique authentic Japanese Art and Samurai Arms and Armor to discerning collectors worldwide. Our purpose is to uphold the greatest levels of quality among original collectibles. There is no other Samurai Armor source in the world that can give you with a better assortment of high quality goods. You may buy with confidence, whether you are an experienced collector or a first-time buyer.

You can browse the categories on the main menu or you can select the following links to access our original full sets of samurai armor available for sale, kabuto and katana.


All samurai armor listed for sale are original and antique, in excellent condition and matching. Most of the suits of armor offered by our gallery come from Japanese private collections, exported with the required authorisation. 

The price range of an antique samurai armor can be quite wide and the value of a specific suit of armor might not be immediately visible to all. Please feel free to contact us for advice.



The most important element of a samurai armor is the kabuto, the helmet. Collectors often focus on this element, as it can show the best skills of Japanese armorers.

The price of a kabuto is impacted by many components, such as construction quality, age, preservation, signature. Wether you are buying for decorating your home or to complete your collection, you deserve to buy the best kabuto available.


The Japanese sword has always been considered a work of art and blades have been  treasured and transmitted among generations to the present days in excellent state of preservation.

We specialize on high-end nihontō ("Japanese Swords"), which have always been regarded as such and are so valued by all of the owners. The price of a Japanese sword can vary substantially, and we choose to focus on really good items and masterpieces at our gallery.



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