11th century armour

Pigments on silkWith sign and seal used by the artist from 1925 to 194024 x 27 cmIn this shikishi is represented a beautiful deep blue iris. In Japan, the iris is the flower linked to men because the shape of this flower’s leaves recalls a sword. Sekka excelled in the small size works in which the different subjects are represented in full size.Painter and designer, Kamisaka Sekka has been one of the most important Japanese artists who brought the traditional aesthetic in the western world. Sekka came from a samurai family - his father was in service at the imperial palace in...

Dangae-dō tosei gusoku
Dangae-dō tosei gusokuSamurai armor with a mixed styles cuirass PERIODMid Edo period (1615-1868), 18th century The armor shows an unknown family crest on its helm and on the backs of the hands (tekko).The components of the armor are upholstered with leather, which has been applied also to the ligatures of the lower part of the cuirass (produced with iyo-zane plates) using a more rare manufacturing than the common lacquer trims.The sixty-two plate helm (kabuto) is of type suji bachi, and it is covered in black lacquer, as well as the mask (menpo) and the three limb...

Stag antler netsuke of a bamboo shoot
Stag antler netsuke of a bamboo shoot(Takenoko)Early 19th centuryStag antler netsukeLenght: 6.6 cm The shoot is carved with naturalistic detail, the broken end showing clearly beneath. Represented slightly curved, following the natural shape of the stag, this study shows a very good use of the material, with the new shoot inserted into the main body in order to mark the darker part of the material in contrast the the newborn plant. Netsuke for sale 

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