kozane armor

Early Edo period (1615–1867) DescriptionThis authentic samurai armor is a tosei gusoku (modern armor), which was common throughout the time period but had certain significant innovations added. The combination of colors and ornamentation is stunning, as is typical of Inaba clan armour, with a rare purple binding (murasaki) used solely by the most senior members of the military aristocracy. The helmet, which is adorned with an amazing and extremely rare kashiradate hooked on the sides, is unquestionably the element that seems to take center stage. This element represents a kotoji,...

Samurai Helmet shaped as a Human HeadEarly Edo Period (1615 - 1867) Three-plates kawari kabuto covered with tawny hair to resemble a human head.Samurai helmets with this shape are not unusual, but a feature worth noting on this kabuto is that the hair covers the whole helmet, including the visor (mabizashi), while the front side of these samurai helmets is usually lacquered. Notable exceptions with the same surface treatment are two well-known kabuto: one from the armor that Hideyoshi presented to Date Masamune (now in the Sendai City Museum) and another one from...

Menpo okina Myochin
Okina menpoMid Edo Period (1615-1867Red lacquered samurai armor's mask A red lcquered high level mask, finely embossed with wrinkles all over the face. The mouth is wide open and the long beard resemble those of on aged man. 

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