lacquered leather armor

YazutsuKyudo arrow case19th centuryLacquered bamboo, 92 x 7 cm The yazutsu is a type of quiver used in kyudō, Japanese archery.This rare exemplar is obrained from a large bamboo; the cover is lacquered and decorated with a golden kamon.A tsurugiri (string holder) and a stag-antler giriko-ire (powder container) are attached to the case's cord.   Item for sale. Price on application. INVENTORY N.: alt-1535 

Red and gold lacquer Japanese samurai armor, 17th Century
Dangae-dō tosei gusokuAssembled red and gold lacquer Japanese samurai armor PERIODEarly Edo period (1615-1868),  17th CenturyPROVENANCE Ii Naomasa This suit of armor seems to belong to the "Red Devils" samurai of Ii Naomasa, who used to wear red lacquered (shu-urushi) armor with large golden stylized horns on the kabuto. The armors of the Ii retainers were also red, together with banners and accessories, hence taking the name of “Ii no akazonae” (“the red equipment of Ii”).This interesting samurai armor shows two different styles...

Koboshi kabuto Black lacquered samurai helmet with standing rivets
Koboshi kabutoBlack lacquered samurai helmet with standing rivetsHaruta SchoolMomoyama to early Edo Period, 16th-17th Century A 62-plate koboshi-bachi [helmet bowl with small standing rivets] of typical tenkokuzan form, with 30 pointed rivets on each plate decreasing in size towards the top, with the exception of the larger front plate, with three lines of rivets and the small one on the back which is left blank, for a total of 1,890 rivets.The visor (mabizashi) is of high quality, embossed with simulated eyebrows, stylised as bamboo leaves, and brow wrinkles; a tsunomoto...

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