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Katana shinto echizen  in koshirae
An Echizen shinto katana in koshiraeEarly Edo period, Kanbun era, (1661-1673)NBTHK Hozon Token as Chikugo no kami Kanenori (筑後守包則). Unsigned.Nagasa [lenght]: 65.5 cmMotohaba: 2.9 cm, sakihaba: 2 cmMotokasane: 6 mm, sakikasane: 4 mmSugata [configuration]: shinogi-zukuri, chu-kissaki.Horimono [carving]: Bo-hi con soe-hi.Kitae [forging pattern]: itame hada.Hamon [tempering pattern]: gunome choji midare with several tobiyaki.Bōshi [point]: ko-maru.Nakago [tang]: suriage, kiri yasurime; two mekugi-ana.Origami|The blade comes with a Hozon Token certificate issued by the Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon...

Kano schoolEdo Period (1615-1867)Ink, color, and gofun, on gold-leaf ground124.5 by 382  cm  The scene is dominated by a plum tree in bloom under which a couple of paradise birds is courting. The screen is crossed by a luxuriant creek, a typical feature of the springtime. Screen for sale 

Monk ProcessionsPainting: 134 x 31 cm Mount: 204 x 47.5 cmBoth signed Hachijuyon-o Tenbo Toshu (Tenbo Toshu, aged 84) with four seals Nantenbo, Hakugaikutsu and Toju (twice) This is Nantenmbō’s finest masterpiece of character design, showing on two separate paintings, one with the advancing line of processing monks and one with the receding one, as described in the above calligraphies. The artist’s humor and affection for monk’s lifestyle can be seen at full in this works, which he painted several times in his eighties and which has been imitated by all the...

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