o yoroi armor

Myochin Ressei menpo
Ressei menpoMyochin school, Mid Edo Period (1615-1867)Half mask for samurai armorSamurai armour's mask A russet iron mask of me no shita men (half face) type.The expression is fierce (ressei) with a big nose, the hair-horse mustache and beard and, particular feature, only the lower teeth visible.Cod. men1186 

SaihaiSamurai comman der batonMid Edo Period, 18º centuryWood with silvered-copper mounts; paper finalLenght: 37 cm A rare saihai in red lacquer with golden foliage decoration and kamon (family crest) of the Tokugawa clan.Born as a tool to control the troops, the saihai changed his function during the Edo period and became an accessory to wear with the armor as a symbol of power.The saihai's final can be in different materials; sometimes is applied directly to the stick, some others hung with a small rope. In this case, it is decorated with hair, attached directly to the stick....

Tatakinuri Nimai-dō Tosei GusokuSamurai Armor in the style of Kuroda clanMid Edo period, 18th centuryKabuto signed: “Haruta Tokimune”  This magnificent suit of amor bears a kamon (family crest) representing a Chinese character. Even if it has not been possible to find the exact clan where the armor came from, a stylistic analysis  suggests a strong connection with the Kuroda family, whose suits of armor have many features in common with the present one.The taste for large wakidate (side ornaments of the helmet) is the most evident feature. Even if the most famous...

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