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Wood netsuke of a recumbent horseEarly 19th CenturyWood netsukeLength: 4.4 cm This rare study of a young horse is representing the animal while it is resting: recumbent, with the front legs folded and the lowered head.  Netsuke for sale. Price on application. Please include item stock number: net-1372

KatanakakeSword standWood and urushi lacquer Edo period (1615 - 1867)56 by 37 cm This wooden sword stand is decorated with a fine design representing plants, also shows mon on both sides.On this page is a comprehensive glossary of common terms related to samurai armor. Katanakake in for sale. Price on application: alt-1592 

TessenFighting fanMid Edo Period (1615 - 1867), Iron, paper with gold-leaf and bamboo.Menhari-gata (opening fan), sensu-gata (enlongated shape)Lenght: 38 cm. - Width open: 66.5 cm.Iron fan with an elegant shape, with eleven bamboo ribs.Of exceptionally long size, this samurai fan is painted in black, with a gold-foil rising sun on one side and a constellation on the other. The external iron plates are engraved with a dragon in the clouds on one side and a tiger in a bamboo forest on the other.Customarily carried in the hands or tucked in the obi (belt), the folding fan played a...

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