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Six-panel folding screen; ink, colors, gold leaf on paper
Lilies Six-panel folding screen DATEEdo period, 17th -18th centuryMEDIUMInk, color and gold leaf on paperDIMENSIONS106 by 284 cm  A very rare screen with oversize lilies behind a bamboo fence. Despite this composition is quite a unicum, the bamboo fence is a typical Kano school feature. INVENTORY NR: byo-1316Japanese screen for sale. Price on application.

A wood war fan decorated with fujimonEdo period, 18th - 19th centuryHeight: 44.5 cmThe various implements used by samurai commanders to direct troops on the batterfield were referred to as jineigu. Among them, the gunbai uchiwa, a solid, not folding fan, was the equipment that generals used to communicate commands to their lieutenants. Originally used to ward off heat, the primary function of this fan was then to lend form and dignity to the gestures of the commander.This rare war fan is covered with paper and finished with gold one one side and silver on the other one. Both sides are...

Early Edo Period (1615-1867)17th centuryGilt carved wood; eyes inlaid in crystalTotal height: 66 cmFigure hight: 30 cmThe “Horse-Headed Kannon” is considered in Japan Protector of Animals. He is the only manifestation of Kannon that shows rage. Bato Kannon is also one of the warlike and wrathful deities of Esoteric Buddhism; in this role, the deity is known as Bato Myo-o.As typical, Bato Kannon is here depicted capped by the horse head and flame-haired, with three eyes, three heads and eight arms. He expresses anger by his wide-open eyes and open mouth. The primary hands make the...

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