Revival samurai armor

06 September 2018


Revival samurai armor

Unlike European armor, which is usually formed from large plates, Japanese samurai armor is primarily made up of many small pieces of lacquered iron or leather threaded together with silk cord to produce a scale texture that is both protective and flexible. The ō-yoroi ("great harness") was originally developed for use by 11th and 12th century samurai cavalry, fighting mainly with bows and arrows. Suits of armor of this style become in fashion again since the 18th century, when the country had already experienced many decades of peace and armor no longer had to provide practical protection but still played a vital role as a uniform to be worn in daimyō processions and on other formal occasions. Armor became then gradually more ostentatious and impractical, while maintaining the heart-stopping ferocity of its historic form. The wearer of such an armor would truly have re-embodied the samurai spirit of the classic age of individual mounted combat.

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ō-yoroi samurai armor

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