16 plates akoda-nari suji-bachi

Signed: Unkai Mitsusada deishi Mitsutane


Edo period (1615-1867), circa 1780


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Native to Kaga (Kanazawa), Fukuda Mitsutane in an armorer from the Unkai school, smiths in service of the Maeda clan, the richest Japanese family second only to the Shogun's. As in this bachi's signature ("Mitsutane pupil of Unkai Mitsusada") is mentioned the armorer's teacher (Mitsusada, fourth master of the Unkai school) we can date this work at the end of 18th century.
The features of this kabuto are quite interesting: of "pumpkin" shape (akoda-nari), with the back higher, it is ornated with applied iron shinodare of various lengths, recalling some kabuto made by the founder of the school, Mitsuhisa, As prof. Sasama writes, this helmet has a more "aggressive" shape, where Mitsuhisa prefers tu use a regular round structure. Another interesting details quoted by Sasama is the koshimaki which is folded horizontally on the front, probably for it was designed to hold a visor (mabizashi) of amakusa type, associated with a shikoro (neck protection) of kasa or ichimanju type, with an aperture toward outside. The same koshimaki can be found on a very similar bachi signed Munehide in the Kotori collection of Kanazawa.

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