Akoda-nari sujibachi kabuto

Akoda-nari sujibachi kabuto

Early Edo Period (1615-1867)

Haruta School, 17th Century.


The tenkokuzan shape of this helmet, lower in the center and slightly higher on the back, is somehow more round than usual, resembling the akodanari profile from the medieval helmets of Haruta school. Although the kabuto is unsigned, the shape and some other features, such as plates’ embossing, suggest an attribution to this school, one of the oldest in Japan. The black lacquer finish was in fact already used on older kabuto, while the gold and silver decoration is an original feature of this helmet, intended to replace the gilt-metal borders (fukurin) always used during the Muromachi period.


The metal maedate (frontal ornament) represents the two kanjimitsu-aoi” and refers probably to the kamon of the Tokugawa clan.


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