Bingo Goami Katana

A koto Bingo Goami katana

Signed “Bishu Onomichi Goami Hideyuki"

Late Muromachi period (1333-1573). Circa 1525

Blade: NBTHK Hozon Token
Koshirae: NBTHK Hozon Kodogu

Nagasa [lenght]: 65.1 cm
Motohaba: 2.8 cm, sakihaba: 1.8 cm
Sugata [configuration]: shinogi-zukuri, koshi-zori, iori-mune, chu-kissaki.
 [forging pattern]: Ko-mokume hada with masame hada mixed in. Utsuri is clearly visible.
Hamon [tempering pattern]: in nioi suguha with many ashi and yo; nijuba.
Boshi [point]: ko-maruku with long kaeri
Horimonobo-hi with soe-hi on both sides
Nakago [tang]: kurijirikatte-sagari yasurime; two mekugi-ana

The Goami school is an extension of the Mihara school of Bingo province.  Dated works by Hideyuki are documented during Daiei era (1521-1528). His works are was generally with suguha or ko-midare hamon.

This sword is light and graceful, with a thin mune and an accentuated funbari, so the lower part is much wider than the upper part. Differently, from what Bingo smiths were producing during this period, the hamon on this blade is very rich and interesting, even if based on a straight pattern (suguha), with a bright utsuri all over its length and many activities of various shapes and dimensions.

The blade comes with a very good Satsuma koshirae certified NBTHK hozon tosogu. From the late Edo period, it bears on the saya a family crest (kamon) of mokko shape. 

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