Ko-sukashi tsuba with clouds, būshū province

Irion circular tsuba with small pierced decorations (ko-sukashi)

Rounded edge, one hitsuana

Marugata, 70x68 mm; thickness: 4 mm
Signature: Karatsu ju Masatsugu
In Japan clouds are premonition signs, usually connected with good auspicious. Depending on their color, in fact, clouds might bring a good or a bad omen.
The iron of this tsuba is well forged dark patina. 
Tsuba signed Karatsu ju Masatsugu are quite rare and they often bear the same style, with an engraved decoration that sometimes becomes pierced, as in this case. The name is associated by Wakayama to Itō Masatsugu, who generally signed Bushu ju Masatsugu or Odawara ju Masatsugu, but probably also Karatsu ju Masatsugu, Soshu ju Masatsugu and Sakura ju Masatsugu.

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