Samurai armor with dō-maru

Early Edo period, 17th-18th century


This authentic samurai armor is accompanied by a certificate of registration as Koshu Tokubetsu Kicho Shiryo (Especially Important Armor Object) no. 1277 issued by the Nihon Katchu Bugu Kenkyu Hozon Kai (Japanese Armor Preservation Society), 2020.11.01 


This flamboyant Samurai armor is entirely made in true scale (hon-kozane), lacquered in black and gold and laced with blue, orange and white silk, in order to create a pattern of multiple colours,

The helmet (kabuto) is of suji-bachi construction, made of 62 plates, with three gilt-copper shinodare, descending on the front from a rich tehen-no-kanamono (fitting for the central hole). The maedate (front ornament) is a classical ken-kuwagata, with stylized horns and a votive sword. The neck protection (shikoro) with the multiple colouring that features the whole armor.

The cuirass () is of dō-maru type, made in a single piece with individual small scales laced together, as used in the early suits of armor. As expected on an armor of the early Edo period, shoulder guards are small (chū-sode) and the neck protection is of hineno type, following the shape of the shoulders.

The suit of armor is overall bringing a rare samurai family crest representing three white oak leaves. This is shown not only on the helmet’s fukigaeshi but also on all gilt-copper kanamono of the cuirass.

This samurai armor is originally Japanese and for sale, in excellent condition. It is a collector's item and not a reproduction.

On this page is a comprehensive glossary of common terms related to samurai armor.


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Inventory Nr: 1653

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