Eboshi-nari Kabuto, samurai helmet in the shape of a court cap

Iron finished in red lacquer

Edo period, 17th century


Among the kawari kabuto that reproduce shapes of headgears, the eboshi was a favorite by samurai since ancient times. In fact, helmets in the form of this court cap were very popular already in the Sengoku period. The simplicity of realization was certainly a determining factor for the spread of this kabuto, but a big credit goes to the effectiveness that this form meets in the protection against firearms, being particularly suitable to deflect the bullets of the matchlocks that at that time were introduced in Japan by the Portuguese.

The kabuto is provided with a protection for the neck (shikoro) of hineno type, as typical for the helmets of the period, with kebiki-odoshi lacing and small turn-backs (fukigaeshi).


Price band: 5.000€ - 10.000€

INVENTORY number: kab-1603

Japanese helmet for sale. Price on application.


Inventory Nr: 1603

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