Otagaki Rengestu (1791 - 1875) Wada Gozan (1800-1870) Full Moon

Poem by Otagaki Rengestu  (1791-1875)

Picture by Wada Gozan (1800-1870), with the artist’s seal
Signed: Rengestu
130.5 x 43 cm

The poem says: 

Turned away at the inn, 
I take this unkindness as grace
resting instead beneath the cherry blossom 
on this night with a hazy moon

Rengestu used the imagery of a hazy spring moon in her waka and often painted a partially hidden moon defied by broadly applied misty ink, as in the present hanging scroll. The moon, an almost full circle that floats above her poem’s vertical column, is in this case by the priest Wada Gozan and perfectly match with her smooth and fluid calligraphy. Known also as Gesshin, (Moon Mind, 1800-1870) he invited her to spend her last years in a tea hut on the grounds of the Shinko-in temple where she deeply immersed herself in the study of Buddhism, continuing her artistic occupations.


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