Go-mai uchidashi dō tosei gusoku

Samurai armor decorated with an embossed rabbit

Edo period, 19th century

This authentic samurai armor is complete and original, with consistent elements. 

The helmet is a rare momonari kabuto (peach-shaped helmet) made of iron and constructed of eight plates connected with folded edges (suji-kabuto). The iron is finished with a warm-toned sabiji lacquer that is matched in color by the lacquer used to cover the shikoro (neck guard) and  the other horizontal plate parts. 

The five-element cuirass bears on the front an exceptional embossed decoration (uchidashi) depicting a rabbit, an animal prized by the samurai for its cleverness and agility, as well as a symbol of longevity and the bearer of good omens. 

The sleeves (kote) and shin-guards (suneate) are of tsutsu type, made of wide hinged plates. 

The thigh protector (haidate) is definitely unusual, made of horizontal plates with the same construction technique as the shoulder guards (sode). Samurai armor with this feature is extremely rare. 

The armor features a samurai family kamon depicting a kikyo (Japanese bellflower) on various elements. 

Japanese armor for sale. 

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Inventory Nr: 1734

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