Samurai war fan Gunbai Uchiwa

Gunbai Uchiwa

War fan

Edo period, 18th century
Lacquered wood and metal fittings
Length: 55 cm

The various implements used by samurai commanders to signal orders on the battered field or to direct troop movements were referred to as jineigu. Among them, the gunbai uchiwa, a fixed fan, was the equipment that was used by generals and daimyō and hence became a symbol of power.
The flat part is decorated on one side with the character “hart” (心) and a crescent moon, while on the other there is the character ”vantage” (利), a bonji of the rooster (Chinese Zodiac sign) that represents Fudo Myo-o, one of the Kings of Luminescent Wisdom, and a kamon (family crest).


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