Gyorin-kozane tosei gusoku Samurai armor with "fish scale" plates

Early Edo period, 17th century


Interesting composite armor with haidate and shikoro made in gyorin-kozane rare stye, with individual plates simulating fish scales.

The kabuto of this authentic Japanese samurai armor is an eboshi-nari type helmet, shaped like a headgear used at the Chinese court. The neck protection (shikoro) is made of black lacquered gyorin-kozane. The fontal decoration (maedate) in the shape of a cherry blossom depicts a kamon, heraldic emblem of the samurai, which is also lacquered in the upper part of the cuirass. The mask is a classic ressei menpō, with horsehair moustache and golden teeth.

The cuirass is of nuinobe- type, with wide paired plates (iyozane) laced with pairs of descending odoshi. The six-element kusazuri (protection for the womb) is detachable.

The thigh guards (haidate) is made with the same individual fish-scale of the shikoro, while the shin guards (suneate) are provided with fabric “tortoishell” knee protectors (tateage), fitted with iron hexagons (kikko). The same workmanship is used for the kohire to protect the shoulders.


On this page is a comprehensive glossary of common terms related to samurai armor.

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