Hizen Katana, NBTHK hozon tōken

Early Edo period (1615-1867), 17th century

NBTHK hozon Tōken to Ise Daijō Yoshihiro



Nagasa [length]: 71.2 cm

Sori [curvature]: 1.8 cm

Motohaba [width at bottom]: 3.15 cm

Sakihaba [width at top]: 2.3 cm

Kasane [thickness]: 8 mm


Sugata [configuration]

Shinogi-zukuri with deep sori and elongated chu-kissaki


Kitae [forging pattern]

Ko-itame hada with jinie


Hamon [tempering pattern]

Suguha in nie-deki


Bōshi [point]

ko-maru with long kaeri


Nakago [tang]

Ubu, two mekugi-ana, kiri-yasurime, kengyo-jiri


Origami [paper]

The blade comes with a Hozon Tōken (Sword Worth of Preserving) certificate issued by the Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai.  The koshirae comes with a Tokubetsu Kicho Tosogu certificate issued by the Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai. 


Koshirae [mount]

The sword is accompanied by a good antique koshirae with high level fittings.


The first generation Ise Daijō Yoshihiro was a student of the first generation Tadayoshi, working between 1650 and 1660, while the second generation worked in the latter part of the 17th century. Both smiths are rated “Jo Saku” by Fujishiro and are found in the 50 smiths “Ryōwazamono” list for sharpness due to the excellent cutting ability of their blades. 

The Hizen school was one of the glorious successes of the Shinto period. It was founded by Hashimoto Shinsaemonjo, who took on the art name of Tadayoshi, under the sponsorship of the daimyō Nabeshima Naoshige. The Tadayoshi style is based on the work of Yamashiro Rai, and swiftly gained and maintained a reputation for high quality swords, both beautiful and practical with excellent cutting ability. This sword is a perfect example of a mainline Hizen sword from the Tadayoshi School, with a suguha temper-line and a fine ko-Itame hada. 

Ise Daijō Yoshihiro worked very close with Omi Daijo Tadahiro and there are examples of collaboration works (gassaku) by these two smiths.


Price band: 5,000€ - 10,000€


INVENTORY NR: tok-1613

Japanese wakizashi for sale. Price on application. 


Inventory Nr: 1613

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