Hoate Iron half mask for samurai armor

Early Edo Period (1615-1867)

Saika or Haruta School, 17th century


A samurai mask of hanbo shape, covering half face and excluding the nose.

The surface is finished with parallel lines called yasurime ("file marks”) and all rivets are decorated with applied iron ornaments (kirigane) either in the shape of a chrysanthemum or of lozenges, as typical from the Saika school of armorers. The Saika school was founded in the early 17th century by a group of armor-makers of the Haruta group who moved to Kii province, in the village of Saika.

The tare (throat protection) is in three plates, black lacquered, shaped as in use in the early Edo period.

On this page is a comprehensive glossary of common terms related to samurai armor.

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