Hon-kozane jinbaori

Edo period (1615 - 1867)

19th century

In order to emphasize their presence and dignity at military reviews or embassies, high-ranking samurai would wear on their cuirass a jinbaori, a knee-length sleeveless surcoat. 

In order to highlight the individuality of the samurai wearing it, the jinbaori, which first came into usage during the Momoyama period, is designed of flamboyant colors and materials.  

Conversely, those made using the techniques commonly employed for armor are very rare, including the one, still from the Momoyama period, preserved at the Fukuoka Museum and the Edo-era one at LACMA in Los Angeles. 

This jionbaori is laced in white silk kebiki-odoshi, with exquisite silk lining and printed leather borders, and is made entirely of hon-kozane (individual scales) of hardened and lacquered leather. The collar is comprised of fabric reinforced with iron hexagons (kikko), while the shoulders are strengthened with chainmail (kusari).

Inventory Nr: 1758

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