A three-case inrō, 19th century

Signed: Jōkasai

Height: 7.3 cm

Gold takamaki-e, hiramaki-e, hirame, aogai and metal inlays. Interiors in nashiji.


With a large shell from the kai-awase matching game, simulating with various lacquer techniques a painted landscape with a swallow inlaid in shakudo above a river, with pine branches entwined by wisteria. The reverse with another shell seen from the outside. The background decorated with horizontal bands of geometrical diaper patterns on each compartment with different techniques and the rare use of red and green lacquer.

Painted shells can be often found as a decorative element on various Japanese works of art, as it is an evocative reference of the ancient Heian era. The shell game, kai-awase, was, in fact, one of the traditional pastimes at court during medieval times; meaning “matchings shells”, it was played likewise the modern “Memory” game.


Antique Japanese lacquer inro  for sale. Price on application. Please include item stock number: lacc-1360

Inventory Nr: 1360

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