Kabuto Suji-bachi

Suji-bachi kabuto

28-plate sabi-ji iron samurai helmet


DATE Late Edo period 1615 - 1867), 19th century
ARTIST Myochin school
MEDIUM Sabi-ji iron
FIRMA Both helmet and mask signed “Muneharu” with kao


The helmet with an elegant shape and hammered rivets on view, with a rare construction called “double shell”. With this technique, each plate is in fact strongly curved but then flatten under the next one. As a result, the bowl is ribbed from the outside but completely flat inside and the surface is contracted everywhere by a double layer of iron with some air in between: the embossed plate could then receive a bullet and absorb the hit, while the inner plate would remain unaltered. The bowl results as well very heavy.

The menpō is of ryūbu type, with elegant facial features and high yadome on the cheeks.

The five-plate shikoro (neck protection) and the tare (throat protection) on the menpō are laced in sugakei-odoshi.


INVENTORY NR: kab-1407

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Inventory Nr: 1407

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