Kakuzukin-nari kabuto Samurai helmet shaped as a cloth headgear

Early Edo Period (1615-1867) 17th century 
The kakuzukin, or squared cap, was formed by a rectangular cloth folded and sewn along the sides. The decoration over the iron bowl imitating this headgear is made in harikake, a mixture of papier-maché and lacquer that results light and solid at the same time. The last plate of the neck guard (shikoro) on this helmet is laquered in gold.
Harikake had been used during the Momoyama period (1573-1715) when generals begun to wear large helmets shaped with unusual and extravagant forms called kawari kabuto
Kakuzukin-nari helmets are known to have been a particular favorite of the second Tokugawa shogun, Hidetada (ruled 1605-23) and of Hosokawa Tadaoki (1563-1646), lord of Kumamoto domain. The helmet is decorated with a gorgeous maedate representing Amida Nyorai standing on a lotus flower with a majestic set of rays around him.


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