Katchushi Tsuba decorated with flowers

Mid Edo Period  (1615-1868)

18th Century
ron with openwork decoration (sukashi)
96 mm, maru-gata with beveled raised rim (takadotemimi)
Thickness at the seppadai: 3 mm. Thickness at the rim: 6 mm

A karabana flower on one side and a kikyo over a  sakura on the other create a well-balanced composition. The delicate subject, careful finish and refined iron indicate a tsuba of high quality.

Karabana design had been imported from China and do not resemble any real Japanese flower; this indicates that the decoration is actually referring to family crests and not to natural subjects.

The Ko-Katchushi style is believed to have come into production a bit later than the Ko-Tosho, possibly beginning in the late Kamakura period. This category describes tsuba that has somewhat more involved mon sukashi motifs, and often have various styles of raised rims created through controlled hammer work. These have probably been attributed as the work of katchushi because of the open work designs are sometimes seen on the menpo (face mask) of Japanese armor, and because the techniques used to produce the raised rims appear related to those used in forming armors.

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