Okegawa-dō tosei gusoku

Samurai armor with riveted cuirass

Kabuto signed Joshu no ju Saotome Iesada

Mid Edo Period (1615-1867), 18th Century


Kimono e Samurai. Il gesto. L'eleganza. Lo spirito, Fondazione Herman Geiger (Cecina)

A. Schiavetti (a cura di),  Kimono e Samurai. Il gesto. L'eleganza. Lo spirito, Cecina, 2013, p. 16  


This important authentic Japanese samurai armor bears the kamon of suisha shape (water wheel) from the Doi samurai clan in the version used during the Edo Period by the branch which ruled as daimyo the domain of Kariya, in Mikawa province.

The attention to details and some rare features suggest the high status of the samurai who used to wear this armor. The heavy five-plates kabuto is in fact of a rare elongated shape (shiinari, “acorn-shaped”) and is signed by Iesada, one of the three important armor-smiths of the Saotome family, active during the first part of the Edo Period. The mask (menpo) is unusual too, being lacquered in silver and lined inside with a soft velvet; the  (cuirass) is elegantly decorated with cherry flowers shaped rivets. Kanamono (applied metal ornaments) are patinated in shakudo and glod and represent everywhere the clan’s symbol.
On left kote is hidden a compartment for medicines; suneate are lacquered in byakudan gold.


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