Samurai Armor with okegawa-dō

Edo Period, early 18th century


The helmet is a very rare iron zunari kabuto (helmet in the shape of a human head) with high level iron kirigane (cut-out applications). The lower side is in fact decorated with an applied karakusa band, while the top is fitted with an elaborate openwork lozenge from which a long ken descends toward the visor. The front plate is sharply embossed with eyebrows and wrinkles. The four-stage shikoro (neck protector) is laced in kebiki odoshi with three colors, as the rest of the armor.

The cuirass is of okegawa- style, with horizontal plates of wavy outline, decorated with an unusual silver motif of a constellation.

The sleeves (kote) are fitted with a high quality chain-mail and iron protectors.

This authentic samurai armor is decorated with a maedate of stylized horns on the helmet and a large umajirushi on the back. On many parts, including fukigaeshi, dō, umajirushi and armor boxes’ leather covers, a family crest (kamon) with hawk feathers has been applied.

This samurai armor is complete, original and matching.

On this page is a comprehensive glossary of common terms related to samurai armor.

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