Okegawa-do tosei gusoku

Samurai armor signed Myochin Muneaki

Okegawa-do tosei gusoku

Late Edo period (1615-1867), 19th century

This Japanese armor features a good heavy sujibachi-kabuto made our of 24 riveted plates, adorned with an excellent gilt-wood dragon maedate and fitted with a hon-kozane shikoro (neck protection). The signature inside the helmet reads “Myochin ki Muneaki” and belongs to an armorer from the Myochin school who worked in Himeji (Harima) during the latter part of the Edo period. The kamon (family crest) of the Sakai family, for whose he worked, is printed on the two leather covers of the amour’s boxes. A nerikawa (boiled leather) mask (menpo) with long white mustaches completes the head’s protection.

The cuirass shows a peculiar style, with solid shoulder straps as common in the medieval suits and a horizontal plates construction typical of the “modern” armors.

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