Okitenugui kabuto

Samurai helmet shaped as a head towel

Saika, early Edo period, 17th century

Kōshu-Tokubetsu-Kichō-Shiryō certificate


The Haruta armourers who moved to Kii province in the early 17th century, took the name from the village where they worked, Saika, near Wakayama, possibly on request of the local daimyō, Asano Yukinaga, a great armour amateur. Specialised in the construction of plate helmets, they produced mainly two typologies of kabuto: one with six plates covered with a chrysanthemum-shaped plate on top and one shaped as a “head towel”, called okitenugui. The latter type of kabuto employs very heavy plates crafted in a curved manner and was improved in order to make it resistant to firearms.

This okitenugui kabuto features some distinctive decorations of the Saika school, including the application of cut-out iron elements, including eyebrows, washers and lozenge-shaped decorations on the sides. The ring on the top, however, is a rare feature and could be used to hold a small war flag.

Price: 28,000 €

Inventory Nr: 1785

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