Ryūbu-men, samurai mask with noble expression


Edo period, ca. 1770

Signature: Myōchin Minbu Ki no Munesada kore o tsukuru



A. P. Arman Collection


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This samurai mask is made of heavy iron, which is expertly forged and crafted. The lines are pronounced, and the openwork decorations on the ears and applications are accurate. The surface is finished with a light yasurime, and the signature is sharply chiseled. Under the chin, the sweat drainage hole is embellished with a long odayori-gane, as typical of the menpo of "Myōchin Ki" smiths.

According to the Myōchin genealogy of the Asano family, Munesada was the son and pupil of the famous Muneakira,who had studied under Munesuke. He worked for the Asano family, and since he signed with the clan name “Ki“ we can assume that he studied in Edo under the Myōchin main line. 

Inventory Nr: 1877

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