Samurai mask, Momoyama period, circa 1560-70

Jōshu Myōchin School

Momoyama period, circa 1560-70


This rare menpō belongs to a group of homogeneous masks that can be related to the group of the Jōshu Myōchin armorers. Such masks, in use at the end of the sixteenth century, are always somehow large. Uesugi Kagekatsu (1555-1623) used one, while several others were published in 1746 in the Meikō Zukan.

In addition to the shape of the nose and the presence of yadome on the sides, the most evident stylistic feature of these menpō is the large front plate hinged with two pins, which starts from the mouth and goes rise curved along the cheekbones. This plate, much larger than the common detachable nose, is always formed by two riveted parts, with the lower one having a hollow in correspondence to the groove between the nose and mouth. Another characteristic feature is the articulated tare in three parts that completely surrounds the neck; in this mask this element is missing but we can note that on the sides of the connecting plate are still present the elements of the hinge.

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Inventory Nr: 1610

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