Saiga kabuto

Red lacquered Saika samurai helmet

Haruta school, Momoyama period (1573-1615)


The Haruta armourers who moved to Kii province in the early 17th century took the name from the village where they worked, Saika, near Wakayama, possibly on request of the local daimyo, Asano Yukinaga, a great armour amateur. Specialized in the construction of plate helmets, they produced few typologies of kabuto. Among them, the most “classical” is made of six large plates with another large one on top shaped as a chrysanthemum; all the plates are joint with rives decorated with washers (za-boshi). There are very few signed items and most of the kabuto are left in natural iron. This kabuto is then almost an unicum, with a wonderful red lacquer covering the whole surface, a feature almost never seen.

The large double tsunomoto, the light weight and the hineno shikoro with narrow plates and small fukigaeshi indicate a dating to the Momoyama period.


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