Samurai armor with kawari kabuto

Nuinobe-dō Tosei Gusoku

Early to mid Edo period, 17th-18th century


This authentic samurai armor is of very good quality. Laced in white with parts covered either with black lacquer or leather, it bears overall a cross-shaped family crest (kurosu kamon).

The stunning kawari kabuto (extraordinary helmet) of momonari outline is fitted with two original  very unusual large decorations (wakidate) in the shape of hamaguri clamshells. The front is fitted with a sun-shaped maedate.

The iyo-zane dō (cuirass made of small plates laced side-by-side) is decorated with sophisticated application (kanagu) of shakudo and gilt copper. The gyoyo (cord protections), the small metal parts and all the borders of the cuirass are finished with finely engraved shakudo, a lacquer-looking alloy of gold and copper, while other pierced gilt-copper application can be seen applied on the lacings and on the large ring plate on the back of the armor. 

Instead of the more common sode plates, the shoulders are protected with rare round ko-ire,  hinged at the shoulder straps and ending with boar-fur, which protects the borders form damages. The same feature, typical of the early Edo armors, is repeated at the end of each last plate of the kusazuri (groin protection).

The sangu set or kote, haidate and suneate (arms, thigh guard and shin guard) are of kusai (chainmail) type, as expected in an early suit of samurai armor.

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