Samurai Armor with leather-covered cuirass

Tsutsumi-dō tosei gusoku

Samurai Armor with leather-covered cuirass

Kaga school

Mid Edo period, 18th-19th century


This authentic samurai armor features two characteristics that can be often found on suits made in the region of Kaga: the leather surface and the different color of the last plates.  The whole surface, except for the kabuto bachi and the mask, is in fact covered with black leather. The use of leather instead of lacquer to protect the iron surface is something seen very often on Kaga armor, as well as the scattered gilt surface of the last plate of each element. 

The helmet (kabuto) is of suji-bachi construction, made with 32 plates, with a somehow round shape. It is decorated with rare original ear-shaped wakidate covered with wild boar fur and a round maedate. The fukigaeshi are decorated with gilt copper family crests (kamon) representing a bridge for the musical instrument koto. The very good iron mask is an unusual ressei menpō.

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